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So I just watched the most recent season finale of Once Upon a Time (SPOILER ALERT DONT READ IF YOU STILL NEED TO WATCH IT)


In case you missed the title, spoilers alert!!!

I hate to say it, but the ending was awful. The fact that they are tying in frozen as the next story is ridiculous. I’m so sick of that movie being everywhere. I also have a feeling that they are casting Elsa as the next villain even though she was

the “elsa” image is being used to bring in a wider audience. I can name quiet a few people that want to watch the show now for. Frozen was one of disney top selling movies. However, it is based off of “The Snow Queen” which is, in fact, a classic fairytale in which the queen is evil. Elsa is being used to bring new viewers, but the story line will be entirely different from frozen.

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